Consumer funds are FDIC-insured, through relationships with our partner banks.

Finxera, Inc. is licensed as a money service business in the U.S. jurisdictions listed below.

State License State Agency
Alabama Sale of Checks Act SOC#524 Securities Commission
Alaska Uniform Money Services Act #AK-MT-10098 Division of Banking & Securities
PO Box 110807 Juneau, AK 99811-0807
Phone #: 907-465-2521
Email: [email protected]
Arizona Transmitters of Money Act #MT-0929910 State Banking Department
Arkansas Uniform Money Services Act 43398 Securities Commission
California California Money Transmitter Act #2513 Department of Financial Protection and Innovation
Colorado Money Transmitter Act #500218 Division of Banking
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Connecticut Money Transmission Act #33447 Department of Banking
Delaware Sale of Checks Act & Transmission of Money #019418 Office of State Banking Commissioner
Florida Money Transmitters Part II #FT230000134 Office of Financial Regulation
Georgia 54666 Money Transmitter License Georgia Department of Banking and Finance
Hawaii Money Transmitter License #HIMT085 Division of Financial Institutions
Idaho Money Transmitters Act MTL-172 Department of Finance
Illinois Money Transmitter Act #MT.0000272 Department of Financial Institutions, Diviison of Financial Institutions
Indiana 34242 Money Transmitter License Indiana-DFI Money Transmitter License
Iowa Uniform Money Services Act #MS- 2014-0079 Division of Banking
Kansas Transmission of Money Act #MT.0000091 Office of State Bank Commissioner, Division of Banks
Kentucky Money Transmission Act #SC17991 Office of Financial Institutions
Maine Money Transmitters Act #MD1168701 Department of Professional Financial Regulation
Maryland Money Transmitters Act #1168701 Commissioner of Financial Regulation
Michigan Money Transmission Services Act MT-0019679 Department of Insurance and Financial Services
Minnesota Money Transmitters Act #MN-MT-1168701 Department of Commerce Division of Financial Examinations
Mississippi Sale of Checks Act MT/002693/2015 Department of Banking and Consumer Finance
Missouri Sale of Checks Law #MO-15-7477 Division of Finance
Nebraska Money Transmitter Law 1168701 Department of Banking & Finance
Nevada Nevada Revised Statutes #MT11041 Department of Banking and Industry
New Hampshire Money Transmitter Law #19681-MT Banking Department
New Jersey Money Transmitters Law #L067558 Department of Banking and Insurance
New Mexico 1168701 Uniform Money Services Act New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department
New York New York Banking Law MT 103087 Department of Financial Services
North Carolina Money Transmitter License #163851 Commissioner of Banks
North Dakota Money Transmitters Law MT102828 Department of Financial Institutions
Ohio Transmitters of Money Law #OHMT094 Division of Financial Institutions
Oklahoma Oklahoma Financial Transaction Reporting Act OKDOB001 Oklahoma State Banking Department
Oregon Oregon Money Transmitters Act MTX-30187 Department of Consumer and Business Services
Pennsylvania Money Transmitter License 50251 Pennsylvania Department of Banking
Puerto Rico Money Transmitter License TM-057 Regulation and Licensing Division
Rhode Island Electronic Money Transfers 20153095MT Division of Banking
South Carolina Money Transmitter License 1168701 Money Services Division
South Dakota Money Transmitters Act MT.2094 Division of Banking
Tennessee Money Transmission Law #198 Department of Financial Institutions
Texas Money Services Business Law #3116 Department of Banking
Utah Third Party Payment Instrument Issuer No. 120 Department of Financial Institutions
Vermont 100-101 Money Transmitter License Department of Financial Regulation
Virginia Money Order Sales and Money Transmission Law #MO-316 Bureau of Financial Institutions
Washington Uniform Money Services Act 550-MT-91679 Department of Financial Institutions
Washington, DC Money Transmitters License MTR1168701 Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking
West Virginia Issuance and Sale of Checks, Drafts and Money Orders Act WVMT-1168701 Division of Banking
Wyoming Money Transmitter Act #7207 Division of Banking